Why should you write love letters to your partner?


Every day we long for affection and care. That is why we usually read books that are about love and support. Sometimes we write love letters to ourselves to assure us that life is going to be okay.

But love letters have been so outdated these days, with the advent of emails, instant messaging or other social media platforms which allowed us to transform these love letters into love poems or pictures that speak of love and letters that are merely used as a pun to showcase feelings.

So why do we still need to write love letters to our romantic partners? If we can’t afford to spare some time every day, we should at least write these love letters twice or thrice a week. That way we can express our love and feelings more to the person we choose to spend our whole lives with.

Most of you might think, love letters are so old school. Even kids in school are no longer required to make letters in their class.

But think again? How do you want to feel more personal? How do you want to let your love partner feel your love more? If the only thing you know is to create instant letters that are either too short or simply devoid of meaning. And would you really like a copy pasted thought used by everyone in their mails and letters almost every day? You don’t want to sound that effortless do you?

Well worry no more, because today we are going to show you why it is important to create love letters and write to your partners to keep a lasting marriage.



One, you must write these letters to show that you truly care about your partner.

They say that love is a magical feeling, but it fades if you do not nurture it often. Say, if you have been in a marriage for about 5 years, and for those years, how many times have you done really romantic and surprising things to please your partner? Well, you might have even forgotten your anniversaries, and so if you did, you could always catch up by writing love letters to them and telling them how you cherish them every day and it will really save you from a lot of explaining right?



Second, it makes them feel like they are always on your thought, and when they do feel this, you are in a grand position to be loved with all their hearts. We are not saying that this could be the perfect solution to your dimming relationships, but it could help. According to research, if people always receive love letters from someone, they tend to trust that person more and eventually have really deep feelings for them in return. When your partner receives these love letter at least twice a week, they will get to realize how lucky they are just to have you and this will be a win-win situation to the both of you because you will get more loving from partner now. They will be more receptive to your needs as they feel that you always think of them and they will make you feel special too.


Third, writing actually helps relieve stress. And add that with writing letters about expressions of love and admiration. Even the thought could awaken the romantic vibe in you. When you are writing, you’re actually conveying a message in your head for the recipient to demystify that thought in your heart and head.

When you are writing to them, thru these letters, you gradually open bits of yourselves that you might have never shared to your partner. This is the beauty in writing love letters or letters in general, it gives you the solace to perfect the thought and use captivating words in order to please the person you’re writing the love letter for but it also opens up the shy spirit in you.

In letters, you can braved them by telling them your deepest most secret selves. And in this era and time, we always want to share some bits of ourselves, even the silly ones, thru letters. And when your love partners really do get the chance to read these letters you wrote for them, it is very helpful to the relationship growth because they will begin to understand you more, where you’re coming from, what you need, who you were 10 years ago. These are small Things that you might not have had the time to talk about because of the busy schedule you both have, what with all the appointments and responsibilities you both have to make as adults.



Fourth, writing love letters actually make you discover yourself more and your feelings at a certain day and time. Just imagine the solitude of sitting there quietly, trying to find words to the thoughts in your heart and ache in your bones, the longing in your chest and the desires in your head. Then when you have had that time, you’ll realize how much of yourself you are sharing to your partner and how much of the love you’re willing to give to them through these letters. You begin to know yourself and wants better. Because of this, you will start to adjust to the complexities of that marriage.

Lastly, love letters are a way to fix issue in the marriage and allows you to write down all the problems you need to resolve with the freedom of not shouting at each other or arguing tremendously.

When you write a love letter to your partner, you can also have the opportunity to ask them about something they have done to you that you feel hurt about. Maybe you have been dying to tell them that they’re taking too long to get dressed to an event and it annoys you, or you could also tell them about a pet peeve you really do not want to discuss in person and rather pour it all out in a love letter.

You see, this means that you are still expressing to them all your feelings and telling them things that bother you, and they will probably understand you and accept their faults and you in turn have been saved by all the discussions or arguments. This then makes the relationship healthier as both of you are beginning to find common grounds.

Writing to each other is actually quite fun and easy. All you need to have is the patience to write all your thoughts and feelings for each other. To write about how your day went, what keeps you up at night, what bothers you and what makes you happy.

It will always be a way to communicate with your lover, and communication is the most important thing in a marriage. If you always communicate thru chat or instant messaging, that is a bonus, but writing love letters are a plus and it is essential. You really need to have medium that makes you CONTRIBUTE more into the marriage and makes your partner feel that they are special.

If you have love letters to share to us, feel free to comment in this article. Again, we hope that you will start writing love letters to your partners more often now. Share the love, Write your feelings out. 

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