Ever wondered why the girl next door always get the best roses every day from her husband? And wonder why the strict teacher nearby never gets any invitation to a dinner party, or why your supermodel friend recently just signed her divorce papers? Well, the reality is, women get dumped every day. Be it in marriage or relationships. And most of these are because of certain factors that come out during the stages of one’s relationship.

Women from the prettiest face to the unlikely behaviors get these issues that cannot be fixed simply because their physique is not the problem, but their attitude. Today we are going to cover the most basic reasons behind what men are looking for in a wife.  What do men really want in a relationship in a marriage or in a lover? Today we are going to find out.


1. Men look for support. Not just any kind of support. But a support that transcends beyond what is needed. This is the type of quality that exudes confidence and care. Men want to find their counterparts. The girl who can knock them off their feet but gives them the right choices, supports their everyday decisions, listens to them and still loves them nonetheless, even though they may be stubborn or maybe the weirdest man to have ever walked the earth. So how is support reflected in a woman, especially in a wife? Support is anything that contributes to the growth and well-being of the other partner. Men always want to have the ideal wife, but ideal wives are rare. They are like diamonds that you have to mine, deep sea treasures you need to unravel.


When a woman shows the quality of support, men will feel like they have a prize instead of a burden. This is not about how many times you serve your husbands coffee, or breakfast or how well you cook for them, or tend to your children. Support is beyond that. Support is letting the man know that he can and will be able to do the things he want, support is constantly reminding them that they can be anyone they wish to be and allow them to pursue their dreams, ambitions or plan for your family. Most of all, it is allowing them to have freedom while they pursue their dreams without being clingy or nagging or constantly checking out on them. Nobody wants to be doubted or else a man does not want wives who act like they don’t trust them.


2. Men want their wives to recognize their authority. As the masculine specie that they are, they do not want to feel inferior, that is why men hate women who constantly nags at them, picks at their fault, enslave them and shame them in front of a lot of people. You need to be the feminine counterpart. You need to show to your man that he is always in control even of the small things. Like recognizing that they are the head of the family and they decide on some important things. Men do not like to be blocked out by their wives on important matters concerning the home. Yes they may seem like they do not care and act cool when issues in the kids arise, but truth is, they want their wives to feel that the wife is asking their opinion or at best their decision. Men want wives who can remind them of their masculinity. It simply means that in regards to being with a woman, the man would like to lead. A woman who’s easy is, well, easy and can be fun to be with.


3. Men want their wives to be trustworthy. As much as how women want loyalty and commitment, good men will always want the same from their wives. That is why they chose you out of all the possible people they could have dated, had a crush on, or loved. They chose you because you are trustworthy. You are capable of being let alone by yourself and still hold on to the promise you made in your wedding vows. They need you to be committed to them and only them. Nobody wants to be cheated on. No man would want to have a wife whose rumors are all over town.


4. Men want wives who have self-worth, they seek for women who can pursue their own ambitions and careers and goals in life, without giving all their soul and time looking after the man. They want to test whether you value yourself so much that is why sometimes they intentionally pick fight at you or question your self-esteem, because they want to know whether you value yourself and stand up against those games and tests. See, you need to love yourself before you could share that love to others. Men do not want to have insecure wives because these are the types that just nag and create non-existent problems over petty things.


5.Men want women who have independence. They like women who do not always constantly need attention or always want to be wherever they are. So they will know whether that woman can stick to her freedom and can live her life fully, because want their wives to be happy too and not always check on the husband’s phone or be too emotional being so needy.


Don’t forget, it’s easy to please a man with your looks, but it is difficult to keep them if your attitude is ugly. So, have the right qualities that men are looking for, and you sure will be set to become MRS.RIGHT.

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