Yes. You’ve heard it right. Cheaters are everywhere and they seem to be growing in numbers. The question then remains, what are the reasons why cheaters cheat? In this article, we will list down all the possible explanations about why spouses stray.


This will be categorized into 3.

  1. Individual Personality Traits
  2. The situational environment
  3. Relationship gaps


Let’s unravel these categories then;

  1. “Individual Personality Traits”

We all have our own unique characteristics as individuals and when we go into relationships, these traits do not disappear, some may try and reduce extreme traits such as greediness or toxicity but more often than not, we go into dating to be appreciated no matter how awful we can behave.  Then, when we and our partners both feel comfortable with each other, we tie the knots bringing in two fully separate individuals and make compromises. But sometimes, these compromises in a marriage never happen.

Say for example,

When your partner wants to have a movie date night at home, and you are so hooked on attending that concert, one must compromise, and it just happens that because of our individual traits and needs, we are driven not to agree on a compromise. then the disappointment starts, misunderstandings seem to always blow up. Most of the time , we begin to misunderstand the behavior of our partners. They say, it takes an understanding person to win a marriage, but how could you save your marriage if the other one has individual traits that you no longer feel at most peace with?

Yes we all agree that in the beginning of a marriage, everything does not need mending. You share the same wants and needs. You go out together everyday like nothing can separate you in that marriage, but lately you seem that your marriage needed saving simply because the individual personality of the other already annoys you. Is it because of the familiarity that marriage brings? Well, it is hard to tell, for sure, the cheating spouse must feel very tensed around you so they would look for another “marriage type”of relationships where they don’t get nagged at or they don’t experience fights.


,2. Situational Environment

When your marriage is relatively new, the focus of your partner is only unto you but when time becomes the witness, and you have been together for a while, it just strikes a starry spouse to check the waters and go into new pursuits. As the adventurer person that they are, they will check if the flames are still there.And how? By getting into a situation where they want to meet new faces, new smiles and kind gestures and yes new flirting games.

But this does not widen their option more, what makes them jump into that “secret love affair” is the situational environment they are confronted with. These situations are the types that make more cheating spouses get into the risk of trying new things.Sometimes they get lured with the situation simply because the person sitting next to them is pretty or has charm and charisma that their partners no longer have so that your marriage happiness begins to have a halt and the new situation becomes enticing because now, they do not care about saving your marriage anymore, rather they would be pushed into diving into a risky cycle of getting caught cheating with a friend, a new workmate, a social media chatmate or your best friend.

3.Relationship Gaps

Most of the time, relationships become a secondary priority, like your marriage, because there are kids to attend to, work is piling up and the bills are rocket high. So the romantic times and dates by the candlelight begin to get less attention in your marriage. So what could possibly lead to a point where you have to save your marriage?

Gaps as they say, need to be filled and marriage gaps can lead  a spouse to stray. So what are these exactly that bugs your marriages?

Well, they can be as simple as communication barriers, how often do you speak with marriage partner? Did you ever try counselling?Do you still talk to each other before bed? DO YOU SPEAK ABOUT HOW TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE?

If the answer is mostly no, then your spouse could stray simply because they will look for an outlet where they can feel heard and attended.They ALL want communication to be appreciated.

Then, there are the times where gaps in making decisions come to play. Do you allow your partner in marriage to decide on trivial matters?on light matters? Do they have a say in the educational investments for your children?Do you pay close attention to them when they are speaking?

If it seem that they don’t, these stray spouse would really cheat and find someone who values their opinions and decisions.

So if you really want to save your marriage. Begin now. Look at these reasons and try to confront a cheating spouse and assessed what their possible reason could be. At the end of the day, Love wins even though your partner had done you wrong, and love can only win if you try to save your marriage now.

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