All of the time, you ask yourself, can i stop my divorce and save my marriage? But how right? Can you stop your divorce and save your marriage in this time where everything is complicated and the world is full of needs and wants from you?

In today’s article, we will unlock the possibilities of stopping a divorce and saving a marriage to answer your yearning of “stop my divorce and save my marriage blue”.

In most marriages, relationships fail due to certain factors such as incompatibility, habitual doses of bad behaviors or mere intolerance for different attitudes that does not seem to match each spouse’s preferences, worst of all, loss of time, that is why you begin to say, stop my divorce ,save my marriage.

According to research, a divorce has many downfall and negative effects especially on children, they are the most affected people in the act of separation from one’s spouse.

Most often than not, when couples or spouses, finally decide to divorce, nobody can stop them and most of the time these people do not often talk about their main reason, after some bout and fights over shouting, the marriage cannot be saved.

They already decide to stop it and tell them selves i will just stop my divorce , save my marriage is just and option. and end it altogether. And so their children gets sidelined, many such as, would choose living outside the homes of their spouse and leave for the time being the children confused and in awe and in shocked of the situation .

But some couples even though they say “I will stop my divorce and save my marriage some time” tend to do something in saving the divorce, some often go to the aid of therapists and undergo various sessions said to help people ease themselves from the rage of an angry heart.

Saving marriage is not easy, it takes determination and a lot of ego tripping. A lot of times, the couple would have bad feels about whether to push through with personally working out the marriage.

Then the divorce is sensationalized again.

Divorce can be expensive, it takes not only economical expenses but also one’s spiritual, mental emotional and physical energies.

Most spouses would point out the reason that the love is no longer there, they begin to qualify lack of effort from the other couple as the lack of love. They begin to justify that the personal mistake of their spouses is a highlight and is a downfall to every expectation they had so they ended up getting the easy way out, marriage divorce.

This feels really exhausting and emotionally demanding, but most spouses tend to want the easy way out in their marriage, so instead of working and patching out at the differences, they begin to get the divorce papers at the most convenient time. These people are in a haze.

But are there really ways to stop your divorce and save your marriage?

Yes. Today, we curated some tips to do this in order to avoid saying: Stop my divorce and save my marriage to yourself all of the time. ”

  1. Think everything thoroughly before making a decision at the time being.

How do you talked out the time to take a decision? Smile, talk to your spouse about your crisis. Sometimes, it is really not the relationship that is failing but the personal relationship you have with yourself. Are you battling your own demons and sadness, are you trying to blame your spouse for this emptiness that you feel? If the answer is yes, then your spouse deserves to at least be informed about what you are going through so they can get the chance to sort you out and understand you and help you. Communication is key.


  1. Think about your childrento stop your divorce and save your marriage you need to think about the children too

How precious people they are? As a spouse, they are what both of you have dreamed to have in the start of your marriage. They are your life purpose. Then think about what will happen to them if you want to give them a home without a father or a mother? Without a couple they can see and someday aspire to be.


  1. Lastly, think about the time and effort and love you have experienced in this relationship and personally consider if it’s worth to be just wasted.

As a spouse, you have already experienced so many high and lows together, if you think that your spouse has always been there for you then what motivates you to have a marriage divorce? Is it the pain you are feeling? If this is temporary and can be outnumbered by all the reasons why you value your relationship and the spouse you love then don’t do the divorce, save your marriage.

If the love outweighs the pain, then maybe it is time to reconsider your relationship and time for saving your marriage instead of starting a divorce. In the long run, both of you are going to reap the benefits.


The question then remains, why save your marriage? Well, it is because divorce has a lot effects and most of all Divorce has negative effects on children.

According to research, children are the most bombarded people in this process. More often than not a child’s joy comes from the home, and when that joy is taken out of the picture, children become more aggressive and also very depressed, at school, at play or at activities. The impact of divorce is far reaching, so you should say to yourself” I need to stop my divorce and save my marriage instead.” they are more likely to be taken to psychological counselling which is really time consuming and could really be a bad experience.

They are also likely to produce children out of wedlock and become irresponsible adults as they have no role models anymore to show them the values of a good family since their parents are already separated. So that children, can also reflect in their adult life, the effects and impact of the divorce in their childhood. They might never marry too or worst, take the divorce route as well, as they think this is normal and commendable way to solve all problems.

When the divorce is also full of anger and hate speeches, it extends to have an effect on the divorce process as well as to children. This will make them feel like anger management is bad, and when they turn into adults, the likelihood of bad anger management over time can surface. Their relationship with other people in the future can also be affected as they have been through the same experience and consider it fatally normal and trendy.

Children, if divorced or separated from their primary caretakers, can also feel really detached from the world and responsibility once they get separated from their caretakers such as their parents. This will impact their social and adult development and will be a negative precedent for their growing adulthood responsible lifestyle.

Most often than not, they would live a life of carefree time, without thinking of the repercussion of bad behaviors and commitment disorders. It can also exacerbate depression and anxiety disorders among children since they have lost someone who they thought could take care and guide them.

At the end of the day, every marriage is precious, with that in mind, you can still stop your divorce and save your marriage by employing right guidance, patience and rational thinking to your decisions, so always tell your self, “stop my divorce and save my marriage”.



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