In any marriage and in life in general, there is no measurable standard for success. Everything has to be worked on, and balance must always exist just like in yin and yang. However, we have compiled some recipes to keep your marriage status fresh and enticing.

And yes, these are recipes that can be cooked to perfection, just don’t touch the kettle when it’s hot. Whether it is a day in your married life, or a lifetime per se, there are some sure ingredients for you to prepare the right dish in your journey called married hood.

If you would like to satisfy the daily cravings of your partner, there is a recipe, and in every recipe, there is a secret ingredient.

Find out how you could cook your best dish and serve it while it’s sizzling hot right at your dinner table.

The good news is, this recipe is for free, you do not have to download a pdf or a video tutorial and it will suit your individual taste.

First, we have the marriage cookbook. This is composed of your daily vows written in your convictions and commitment. It contains all the useful information and steps to take your married life to the next level. And this has at least some words of wisdom to help when you think your marriage needs saving.

The contents are, of course, respect and trust.

In every love story, both partners must be willing to give the same or even greater amount of respect towards each other. You could use a measuring cup if you like. This could mean that if your partner is giving you ¾ of his share in the respect department, season that with ¾ also or even 1 whole of your respect. But what is respect anyway and where could you buy it?

Respect is free. It comes in any shape, size and color and it’s unlimited. That is why many men become a gentleman when they are dating the girl of their dreams for the first time. This is you, only in a daily basis. You must at all moment, season your love with respect so that you’re partner will feel the care he/she deserves.

But what are the steps to make? Simple, just do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you, says Confucius. And in this you will notice a gradual change in your life, it may even become the favorite ingredient of your partner.

Trust also another essential content of your cookbook. But how will you apply trust to the marriage you are serving as a dish. Well, use it as a main ingredient. Always trust your partner in everything they do. This includes avoiding negative discussions and confronting issues with rational thinking. And don’t always pry at their social media accounts or cellphones every second. This will make them look suspicious and they will begin to question your trust for them.

This also means that you must let them do the things they want to do on a day to day activity, whether it’s going to work and doing overtime, or simply letting them catch up with their best friends, or giving them alone time.

Trust is define as that sense of confidence and belief in someone’s right actuations, and so if you are a trusting person, that will also make your partner trust you more. You sure do not want your food taste burnt, so put a little time managing the fire in the trust department.

So now, you have your cookbook essentials, it is time to go to a recipe called the marriage recipe. What ingredients will you be needing here? Well, you should prepare 1 pint of attention, 2 tablespoons of love and a whole main course called romance. Of course we are going to reveal the secret ingredient in your marriage at this point.

Always remember, a pint of attention to your partner can have long lasting good effects if you give this recipe in your marriage every single day. But how would you do it?

Of course, you have to take care of your partner. Just because you are already married, does not tolerate utter lack of empathy and care. You must always show to your wife/husband that they are taken well cared off. It could be in any form. It could be serving him/her a good nice meal, or simply being thoughtful of the things they love to receive most from you, not forgetting anniversaries and important dates in your marriage life.

Next, place 2 tablespoons of love cause it is highly needed. Why? Because it takes two to tango. And that means both of you must love each other unconditionally so that you need two tablespoons of this in your recipe. Love can be expressed in varied ways especially if you do not want to end up having a marriage that needed some saving right?

Love, as they say, can be associated with all the varied kinds of actuations , even the thought in your head should be centered around how to love your partner more and that also means being loyal at all cost.

The main course is romance. You need to have a lot of this to keep the fire burning. You should know the sensualities of your partner and give it to them whenever they need it. Of course you still have all the independence you need in a marriage.

That means romance should not be abused. At the end, always do the things that you and your partner can agree upon. And just because you need to prepare romance as the main course does not mean he/she can do anything to you and your body at whatever ways. Love is not like that. Romance is about knowing what your partner needs, and them also fulfilling what you need, because you must not forget that respect should always be there. A successful marriage does not make you do the things you do not want to do. Therefore, you should not be forced to cook something that does not taste great or prepare a meal that only dogs can eat.

So now, we must look at the most secret ingredient. Most of us would think that any recipe can only be accomplished and maintained if we know a secret flavor.

That flavor, is compromise. Admit it, before you went into your marriage now, you have individual quirks and wants that you think you will never trade even for love. And now, suddenly you’re stuck with a dilemma, because your partner tends to resemble all the behavior that you cannot tolerate. But you can still save your marriage if you know how to compromise.

How so? Well you should always agree on most things concerning your marriage.  That means both of you should agree. You should maintain harmony in the marriage by sacrificing your needs for the benefit of the family. But you should also remind you partner in marriage to do the same things.

There are a lot of things you can compromise on when you’re married, such as who should pay the bills? Who should prepare the meals, who should take care of your conjugal properties or even on simple things like whose opinion should matter when choosing a new car or watching a new Netflix series.

This recipe, if done with the right procedure and cooked with love and compassion will surely mean a success for your marriage. So instead of worrying whether you will have a marriage that will need to be saved, why not prepare and serve this recipe as your daily marriage meal and see the results for yourself. Again, you have the power to make your marriage life a success.


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