Here we give you another daily reminder, as just like  another daily reminders we have for you, so your marriage life will still have that fire you once always had, but if you are not so sure about that anymore, you can also check our signs that you are hitting rock bottom.

Do new and weird things new andwerid things together to be happy

Yes, we understand that right now you may have reached your silver anniversary, or your 4th year, 7th year, 10th year and all that stuff but the point here is, you have not reached forever yet and infinity is such a long time to consider making vows of love to cherish someone until their hair becomes grey. And most you might probably shy away from the idea of romantic dates together, because seriously who has got time.

But the thing is, you should. It does not matter if you already reach the peak of your marriage life, or if you have gotten used to the familiar bouts and battle cries and quirks of your spouse, it is always important to discover things together, as right now, your lives are shared experience.

More so, love is about discoveries that take your breath away, and if you won’t be too selfless to spare some time to experience this with your lover,chances are you won’t have the to be able to do it with them anymore because life is short. You must begin to realize that love is about sharing experiences, seeing the same views, feeling the moment together.

At the end of the day, the nice thing is to do it with love and care.

So what should you be doing right now? No matter how long the relationship and even if you may have the excuses, you still  have pretty much done so many things together. There are always new things to discover and experience.

Mostly, go to the weird side.

For example, if you both are not a fan of skiing, well it may be time to get to do it. Or if you both have not gone to a yoga meditation in a while, then why not go to India and experience the amazing and different views where you can do your yoga sessions together.

But why is it important to do new things together?

Well, this will add up life to your love. Just imagine the fun that goes with  doing something new, chances are you will have the experience to laugh a great deal and to share that laugh with  your spouse. When you both are sharing such a happy new moment together, it adds up to the love and respect you both feel. It will even add sparks if you feel like your relationship is going downhill.

Weird things also teach you something new about your partner. For example, if you haven’t really known the pet peeves of your partner and if you go and risk doing that they might as well, tell this to you no matter how hard they tried to keep it from you.

This will make their soul more open and raw to you and will inturn help the both of you discover new things that are truly weird and lovable about each other.

They say relationships are built on constant communication, and constant sharing, so doing new things together is a way of communication that takes beyond words and promises. These are acts that make you learn more about your partner fully.

So why not try these things that are fresh and new to both of you, who knows what it might bring and add to your dulling lovelife.

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