Are there really signs your marriage is hitting rock bottom when love is meaningful? This is one marriage matter that needs to be filled.  Well, Love is a magical feeling, it gives us that joy and bliss that no other thing could ever give us. When we meet someone for the first time, a strong connection suddenly bonds us like we have known this person for quite a long time as if we think they are our soulmate, destined by the Gods to be with us forever. And that is why we get butterflies, we feel this way for far too long, and we do not want any of this to change. We want to always feel the livewires, the magical touch especially when the marriage matter to us.Yet life passes us by, we grow each and every day, and we always change likes and dislikes, and sometimes the more we mature the more we begin to change feelings.

Some days, when we are growing up, we tend to change preferences, our rationalization of reality changes, and our hearts changes. No it does not mean that our arteries would change or enlarge, it just means that we begin to fall in love with new sets of belief and objects. This is one marriage matter that really need to be assessed and so this is alarming.

Years pass by and we are happily married, one day the love is here, the next day it is gone.

At first, we feel confused. It feels like something is not right. It feels like our bodies cannot respond to the call of the heart. It seems as though our minds have been patterned to believe in loneliness. It feels like we are empty, despite the promises and vows we have pledged in the altar, despite the million dollar diamond ring we always wear, despite the wonderful couple experiences we have, we feel like we are inside a rabbit hole, a very deep pit full of darkness and negativity.

Secondly, we look at our partners, tracing the patterns of their faces, finding the warmth in their eyes, feeling the familiarity and bliss of their touch, yet we feel numbed. And we have no explanation of the entire phenomenon that is happening to us.

Third, we probe into an explanation, carefully untying all the knots of the mysteries of our emotional downfalls. We begin to search for clues within ourselves. We are so eager to want to know what is wrong. Because this is a marriage matter that is close to our hearts.

Then, we may be thinking that all the hurt has accumulated, all the loneliness and unreciprocated acts are binged on. We find ourselves in misery, because we cannot stand even one more day to be in their loving arms anymore, we are like birds that want to be free.

When after all of our alternative seem to not work, then we can search for clues online, and if you are here still reading this post, this is one sure sign that your marriage or relationship is hitting rock bottom, a marriage matter we need to solve.

According to love experts in marriage matter, hitting rock bottom is the feeling of falling, out of love. It is the end point of every promise, every touch, and every need and want to be with the lover. It is the feeling of sadness that creeps up our spine, it is feeling tired over something we cannot even imagine living without. It is the need to escape from the outpour of heartaches, it is the act of finally accepting love lost and finally wanting to venture into new loves, maybe not new lovers, but new hobbies, new fuels, passions and fulfilling old dreams.

So, if you are still confused about what you are going through, these are some of the sure tell-signs your marriage is hitting rock bottom, and how is this marriage matter bugging you.

  1. You are not happy to see each other anymore despite the fact that your marriage matter for you.

Do you still remember how excited you were to see your spouse after a hard day’s work, or how giddy you are every time you get a text from them, like it is the only thing you need to fill up your boring day? And your marriage matter the most?

Do you still know how it feels? Yes you may remember, but now, you don’t feel. Only the memories flood in, not the feelings so this is a marriage matter you can clearly see.

So every time, you have a spare time from work, you don’t ask each other anymore about their day, their problems, and their struggles. You can live thru the day without ever sending a single text or talking to them. You can sleep peacefully at night not even thinking of them. Yes you get scared at this new strange feeling, but it happens, and next thing you know, even if you carefully nitpick a date to see each other and treat each other to a fancy dinner, the date becomes a tedious task and you are not happy or excited anymore, Well, you may think that it is just because you were already so familiar with how they look or their expressions. But no, it is not as easy as that especially if your marriage matter to you. When you are in love, no matter how familiar or repetitive the person to you are, you still get happy to see their faces, happy to be with them and spend quality with them for your marriage matter so much.

So, are you not excited for your date tonight? Think clearly, it may be a sure sign you are hitting rock bottom.

  1. The fights keep coming back for more, a marriage matter that is not hard to detect.


Yes, it is perfectly normal for two people to fight over some things that they do not share the same passion about. But it is not normal to have a fight every day, and you seem to be having a happy feeling about these fights. It is as if you have the urge to talk back to your partner and tell them all their wrong doings and faults just so you can feel like you are the only right person.  Your feelings are being carried away from love to hate. It also gives you satisfaction and relief when you are able to say bad words to your spouse, as if you wish they feel your hurt and they hurt themselves. This is bad and not normal, it is like slowly killing them and stabbing them with a knife using words that are too powerful to break bones and spirits. And worst you don’t seem to care even if the marriage matter still.

On most days, you couldn’t live a day without fights and arguments even over the silliest stupid petty things. Yes dear, you have a serious indication here.


  1. Lack of sexual urge as a marriage matter


Yes, we all know that sex is not the end all and be all of a marriage or relationship, but for two people who are really in love with each other, sex is always a meaningful shared experience and they just want to do it for each other’s happiness since this is an indication for both couple that marriage matter.So, when you notice that your sexual desires are going down, well you are right, something is wrong.


Sometimes, you can go weeks, months not doing it. Why? You have no motivation even though your marriage matter for you, you hate their bodies touching yours maybe because of all the verbal bad encounters you have together. This appetite is lost.


  1. Lack of respect as part of your marriage matters

All relationships and love are founded on respect and acceptance and kindness. When both of you feel like it is okay to say demeaning words to each other, or to continuously power trip on the other , then it maybe a sure sign that you no longer have the feeling for your spouse, that means the love is lost. Who could love without respect? Nobody. So next time, you want to do some awful things to your spouse and getting high about it, you are losing it, losing the respect, losing all the love. Not thinking how much your marriage matter anymore.


  1. New Love or shift of interest even though your marriage matter.


Do you find yourself addicted more to that dance lesson, or piano lessons at your community? Do you find more meaningful things alone, and doing them without thinking of each other? Then, that means, your attention and your burning passion has shifted to another object of desire despite seeing how your marriage matter to you. And at worst case, one of you can find someone new to love, or something new. This is saddening but this happens, and when it does, your marriage is really hitting rock bottom.

So how did it go? Did you get many signs here? If yes, then this is the best time to reconsider everything in your relationship and really think through what you can do to save your marriage. We have crafted some tips to save your failing marriage here , because we believe that your marriage matter and the only clear way to save this confusion is to be aware of the signs.



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