Is your partner a toxic person?

Have you ever been into a very problematic relationship? Or let’s just say your spouse or husband right now isn’t just cooperating enough?

Back when we were little we used to dream of finding a perfect partner but those days were over and we are already facing our reality today.

Yes, we all do experience love and the happiest part is that we end up marrying the ones we really desire. But what happens when the man of your dreams or the woman of your light happens to be evolving into a different person they’re not used to be? Find out the signs and reasons that you maybe having a toxic partner.


1. They shout or yell all the time

Of course, in marriage there are times that you are not in the mood to be happy and you can’t cooperate properly to your spouse because of piling work and running bills. In some instances, you fight and argue but what if your significant other always shouts at you or yells at you like as if you are deft? In marriage, you are supposed to be understanding each other, complementing always.

There is a huge possibility that something is wrong with your partner, shouting always is not healthy for you, you may develop post traumatic syndrome and you may lose your confidence and your self-identity which is a no, no, for you.

2.Always break their promises

Isn’t it marriage is built with trust and promises? You and your partner is supposed to be pleasing each other and not ruining each other’s trust and confidence. If you have a drunkard or alcoholic partner, a gambler or a drug addict and doesn’t really hear your advices or such. It only means that you are not his /her priority.

This could be an alarming sign that your partner is totally losing your flow of marriage and it’s not good.


3. Makes you question yourself

Your spouse is supposed to be helping you in any possible way he/ she can. It’s not normal when they always bring you down. Haven’t you seen the positivity in their advices? you should be aware ,this toxic partner may ruin yourself without your full attention.

They doubt your capabilities and you yourself may start thinking and questioning who you are and what you really want. They play as if marriage is just about making the other one happy and forgetting about personal wants and happiness. If you got married to make an identity for your partner, think again? You might be living with a toxic partner that doesn’t recognize your worth.


4. Spends a lot of time with other people.

Yes, it’s good to be a people person but what happens when that person is someone that is more happy spending time with his friends and coworkers even when they are supposed to be with you and your children at home? Are you getting tired of that routine over again? You are supposed to be growing together to have a lasting marriage.

Friends and other people should only be a part of the relationship but are not essential. They might mislead you and your marriage stability. Some people will take advantage and destroy what you have build up together if your partner is giving them more attention than you then congratulations,you found a toxic partner for life.

But do not fret, the will be here to help and guide you all throughout.

Therefore,these woes and blues of being with a toxic marriage partner can be helped. Just believe in your capacity to turn things around and see for yourself the joys and wonders of a healthy marriage. Save your marriage now because all hope is not lost.

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