Is your marriage about to go up in flames? Find out today

Is your marriage about to go up in flames

Marriage is like an institution, sometimes it is built in great foundation and structure, allowing it to withstand earthquakes or natural calamities in the whirlwind of romance. Sometimes, it is behooved with the right kind of weird. Weird traits, weird tastes. It is perfected with nice and pretty interior and exterior decors. It has certain functions. It breaths, it lives like an institution, and sometimes it can also undergo wear and tear. As an institution, it is prone to diseases of the body and the soul, of the mind and the heart. It is prone to dysfunction, and when there exist a dysfunction, the building collapses, the building gets under pressure, it goes in flames, either literally or figuratively. Is your marriage like this? Is your marriage about to go up in flames?

Let’s us find out.

Flames, as defined has something to do with fire. With the continuous existence of harmful chemicals causing things to fall into ash and disappear.

Now if you correlate this with your marriage, are you undergoing or feeling the same? But what are the signs? And can you find a way to save it?

Your dying marriage needs a fire extinguisher, that fire extinguisher is going to be our main discussion for today.

But beforehand let us understand how a marriage can go into the pressure? Into the flames?

When your romance is flaming up, it is both connoting two different things, either you are enjoying an intense love life or you are burning with fights and disagreements that eats you both alive as a couple.

So ask yourself this, what are the sure tell signs that your marriage is about to go up in flames?

Today we give you just that.

1.You fight all of the timeIs your marriage about to go up in flames? Find out today

Constant arguments and fights over the most silly and petty things is a signal and a warning to both of you. It means something in the relationship is not working properly causing to disrupt the rhythm of the normal flow of your everyday married life. Notice, is your partner always putting blame on you and are you always feeling pained and angry that they blame you? This is where no compromises are attained.

Therefore, your right just to prove yourselves and want to win the argument so bad to feel validated is so justified in your own thinking. What do you do if this happens to you?

One ask yourself, do you have a problem with your spouse? Do you start to hate their behaviors? Or are they not giving you the butterflies anymore? if you feel this, you may be contributing to heat up the flames, and so assess yourself and change your perspective, think about how important they are to you and just lose the argument to keep them, but if you are not the problem, maybe they are, if this happens, look at their behavioral patterns, are they trying to start a fight with you? And are you so ill uninspired and give up one them? maybe they are doing something terribly wrong and they want you to feel the guilt and blame instead of them acting up for it, if this is happening, to you , let go, give yourself space and time. distance yourself away from them. So they can assess your value and worth in their lives. In the end, self-respect must reign over selflessness if you are already abused and manipulated by your partner.

  1. You both have trust issues against each other

Is your marriage about to go up in flames? Find out today

Do you find yourself always checking on their every move? Are they also doing the same. Do they begin to doubt your words. Are you doubting their actions and news about their whereabouts? If you answer yes to both, you have a serious problem.

Reconsider talking to your partner about it. If they always sneak over your phone or laptop chrome web history, they are suspicious and losing they no longer allow you to hang out with your friends? Or do  they always need a justification for every time you want to go out and have fun with yourself, do they verbally confront you with words like, you might be seeing someone else, can’t they not give you enough time to be with yourself and they always have to tag along? Are you also doing the same?

Then there must be some issues of trust you both have to resolve. Relationships like marriage, functions on harmony and peace and understanding.  if both of you are restless from all the excessive overthinking and the serious doubts, your marriage is about to go up in flames. So to counter this, you must always remind yourself to have a rational basis first before doubting your partner. You must always put yours self in the shoes of your partner and think about how they will feel if you always bug around and tag along. Likewise explain this  your doubting partner. Tell them how bad they make you feel by distracting you that way they will know that what they are doing is so wrong and so borderline obsessed. But what would be the reason of doubts, most of the  times, it is the lack of romance and attention and care to our partners that makes them feel like we have shifted our interest on someone else, because if they think that you are not giving them the love they are expecting maybe you are counter flowing it to someone else. So always communicate and explain to each other before things heat up and burn you. Lastly,

  1. Lack of respect
  2. Is your marriage about to go up in flames? Find out today

When two lovers truly value each other, they suit and respect each other in every way possible, but if you both feel like in your marriage right now, that respect and empathy is gone, then maybe you have hit the point where your marriage is about to go up in flames.

So next time, your partner verbally or physically abuse you, it is a sign of lack of respect and when you also no longer go out of your way to make them feel loved and special, you are also losing respect. So what both of you have to do is to always explain to each other how you feel and not keep grudges, but if in the vain of feeling your partners, you are still abused,  let go for a while and maybe undergo therapy that way the bad habits and behaviors can be countered with good ones. Pain heals through time and respect can always be gained if both of you learns how to value each other.

So if you know some signs in your marriage right now that is depicted here, well it is a sure sign that your marriage is about to go up in flames. Kill the fire when it’s still small. Do not cherish it, do not be an instrument in making it burn and destroy you, not just emotionally but spiritually. Negative and toxic relationships are bad for you and your happiness. So always find a way to solve the problems if your marriage is about to go up in flames. Don’t blame anyone, just try to recover what was lost. And the both of you must, not only you, but you two must find a way to idle the fire and reduce or remove the flames. Flames are disgusting, marriage knot and commitments on the other hand, is beautiful.

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