For most people, the chance of feeling the live wires of love can be a really meaningful life experience. Some even carry the memories of true love until they get old and wise. But for some people, love is beyond the feeling of the first touch or the first meeting, some say that true love sparks like a magnetic pulse rushing thru their veins.

Some say true love is not about what one feels at the onset of a burning desire but the commitment to stay strong amidst the loss of interest or the loss of lover’s appetite.

But is that still love? Is that still sparks? Or are you fooling yourself into believing that you can fix your love gone wrong?

Today we are going to discuss one of the major questions spurring the internet, a question that most married couples often come to terms with, the question that remains unanswered and still confuses many affected couples and spouses.

Has your marriage has lost its sparkle?

First let us define sparkle, sparkle is anything that makes one’s heart jittery and fuzzy and makes one feel drunk even when they are sober. It is that sudden rush of adrenaline one feels at the sight of the person they love, it is that unexplainable chemistry that binds two completely different people and make them love each other unconditionally.

But sparks do not always stay every day, some may run out, some may stay. It is the act that spouses do to keep that fire and passion alive. It is commitment.

For most marriages that has never experienced any dull moment of their love life, this question is so quick to answer, their answers and responses would be, well, it is not dead, the sparks is there.

But for some who are undergoing emotional turmoil right now, the answer would be a slight smile, a bad nod, a sad smirk or a lonely laugh.

Yes, it is so difficult to answer because the signs aren’t really clear and sometimes people always do not want to face the cold hard truth of a love gone lost.

So for today’s article, we will, look at some signs that your marriage has lost its sparkle. One of the clear signs that couples usually ignore is this.


When you fight more than you communicate

if you always fight then better ask yourself has your marriage has lost its sparkles?

Face it, at the onset of your marriage, everything is on the perfect honey moon stage, both of you are always finding something nice and beautiful about each other, but as time comes by you, so do your real colors begin to appear. And this may shock one of you.

Your true attitude shows and most of the time, your partners might not like this true person they are seeing, so instead of sharing cups of coffee together, talking about the wonderful future that awaits, couples would rather focus their energy in trying to tame your bad behaviors and nag at you.

Most often than not, fights will ensue. And because you feel so familiar with their complaints and nags, you take them for granted and at worst, you fight back. So the sparks you once felt are changed by feelings of resentment and anger.

When anger comes in the picture, it is easy to destroy each other even subconsciously. Look at the signs, is your spouse trying to fight all the time, or shout at you all the time instead of communicating their needs and wants from you? If yes, this could mean a really bad precedent and could lead to even worst marital problems which kills the lover’s spirit in you.

So instead of looking at your spouse as in inspiration, you begin to look at them as a monster that you need to escape from. Fights can really be painful.


Two, you don’t touch each other as often as before being indifferent is a sure sign of asking has your marriage has lost its sparkles?


At first, you were so excited to see your spouse and kiss them. And touch them and make them happy. But now? You would rather spend your time on more practical things that do not involve any physical intimacy.

Some couples go for walks alone and would rather spend more time with their dogs than with their partners. Most of the time, a lot of reasons can lead to this. A busy work life, a stressful fighting environment, all the constant nagging weighing both of you into the pit of negativity and all the times you felt taken for granted lessens that sexual want to feel each other’s comfort.

You no longer feel safe when you touch them. It is like they can destroy you if you get intimate. This is sad but this happens. So be always on the lookout.


Three. You begin to have a better interest on someone or something which does not involve them anymore.has your marriage has lost its sparkles? If you do this then it did lose it

This is a feeling you cannot understand. It is like every part of you has a new desire or sparks for another being entirely or for another thing, and yes you may feel guilty and ashamed of what you are going through and you cannot sleep good nights always thinking about what you are doing.

But you also like the euphoria of learning someone new or something new which does not involve them. Maybe you are tired and weary from all the drama and the cursing or the bad experiences with your spouse.

You also feel shameful that you are actually cheating in the sparks you have once felt strongly about them. This is normal because this is a clear indicator that your marriage is losing so much sparks and is losing fire.

So if you experienced any of these signs, reconsider and think deeper, should you fight or should you give up? Read our tips on www.saveyourmarriage.co.uk to save you marriage and gain that sparks back.



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