a happy married life make syour heart beat and gives you butterflies

So, you finally tied the knots. You finally recited wedding vows towards each other and gave each other unconditional promises of love, till death do you part. You are both enjoying a life together. Everything seems to be working just fine but is it enough? Is happiness enough to keep the both of you commit to your marriage? How do you ensure that you are living a happy married life?

Realize fallbacks, if there are any

First begin to realize, what are the nice things about your union and what are the fallbacks? If there are you should know the ways to make up and make it work. Are there thing that you and your partner need to work on? Or is everything in harmony and in synced based on your personal values and beliefs? Whatever your answer are to the given questions, we have set out some signs that you are living a happy married life, and if you already do, then good for you, but for those who are struggling to get the perfect balance between love and responsibilities in your marriage, we have some time proven tips to get that desired happy married life we all want to attain in this harsh cruel world.

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One sign that you are living a happy married life is when you are both pursuing your individual passion while taking charge of family matters. This means, your marriage is not limiting you to the house or to the adult responsibilities and chores. You both are actually actively pursuing greener pasture or you are both rushing your passion be it a hobby, a sport, a community service or a work related duty that you both feel passionate about. This means both of you do, and not just the husband or the wife. So it shows that while you are tending to the welfare and needs of the family and the kids, both of you are consistent and are given freedom in pursuing your individual dreams.

Both partners must be happy

Second, a sure sign of a happy married life is when both of you are happy. Happy is not just  state of mind, or emotion, it means being satisfied with what you have in your marriage and both of you are not complaining or are not feeling bad about certain achievement that your spouse maybe getting and in turn giving all your best in  ensuring the welfare and care of your family. Happiness is relevant they say. But when two couples are really in a happy married life, that happiness transcends in their smiles or in their actions, so you both are more loving towards each other.

More signs of a happy married life

Third sign of a happy married life, is when the both of you can still do couple things together even if the adult responsibilities of being a parent are wearing out in you, on our previous articles, we have some daily reminders, on how to keep your marriage happy and consistent. So if you are doing these things then your married life is sure happy. For example, You still go on romantic dates together despite the fact that you have kids and work waiting for you. Every moment still feels the way it did before.

But what if these signs aren’t showing up and what if you just have a general feeling that your marriage is not a happy married life?

When you begin to feel loneliness in a marriage, which is something you should give more attention to and change, what you can do is to follow some of our tips to keep a happy married life once again.

giving time can make a happy married life

One, to keep a happy married life, always ensure that you are giving time to your partner despite being busy or being too bombarded with work and adult responsibilities. So always make time for each other and always give your best.

appreciation is also one way to have a happy married lifeSecond, to have a happy married life, you should appreciate your spouse always. That means respecting them and giving them support. After all, you only have each other to support and care. Then you will notice a drastic change in your marriage and it will shift in to a happy married life for once. So go ahead and live the happy married life we all want to achieve.


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