Relationships, like marriage are hard to predict. Sometimes we are in a good mood and we transcend that love to each other, other times we are uncertain and we signal that uncertainty into fights and arguments with our partners and spouse.Can we use daily reminders to make our marriage more happy and long lasting? Let us check it here.

How do we ensure that we are thankful and grateful enough of the presence of our spouse in our life? Are we really grateful or are we lacking empathy and care to our lovers?

Today, is going to show you how our daily reminders will add up some difference in your married lives and will make your love last.

These daily reminders serve to help you understand that love and marriage are two similar things but are different. love is a feeling, but marriage is a relationship that involves dynamics and complexities we sometimes cannot control. These daily reminders then will serve as a tool to help you deal with a growing and complex part of your life, your relationship with your spouse. Our daily reminder today is how to give thanks and praise to your partner.

Let us be honest, how many times have we thanked our loved ones for the things they have done for us. Or yet have we ever thanked them? This daily reminder will let  you realize what you need to do now.

Yes, it is okay to show acts of gratitude, but words are more powerful. They serve as the backbone of our commitment to ensue a lasting love. Words can make or unmake our decisions in the relationships. And so too does it help our partners feel more happy and satisfied and content that we do recognize their roles in our life and we are grateful that they do exist.This daily reminder will really be helpful to save your marriage today.

So how do we thank our spouses?

Let us find out now on our daily reminder today.

We give you some ways to tell your partner these praise words and thanks.

one, if you are the type of person who is shy to say thank you words to your spouse then you could actually write them in cards or slips and say a small thank you praise to them for loving you today, for her/his effort in making you happy.

you could leave and paste it on the fridge for him/her to see, or neatly tuck it in his/her favorite book that he/she is currently reading, place the thank you note on the pockets of their daily used jackets or hoods. You could actually place it under their pillow so when they clean the bed they will automatically see a simple note that will probably give a smile on their faces.

But if you re the outspoken one, then go ahead, and tell them how thankful you are to have them in your life.

You don’t have to say 100 words or a long dramatic speech, you could just simply hold their hand and tell them why you are thankful to have them, or if you are the type who does not really want to give long talks, you could just say “thank you, I appreciate the things you do for me and I am thankful to have you in my life right now.

Now this may be a short thankful note, but this could actually help your partner feel more loved and special because you are recognizing them and you are putting bits of love into the relationship.

Always remember, words are so powerful that they could break someone’s feelings if you use hurtful words, and on the contrary they could actually give magic and spice up your relationship if you know the right things to say. so go ahead, and say these thank you praises to your partner and start feeling magic shower into your love once more. This daily reminder is going to help you understand the complexities of a growing love and booming marriage so you better stay tuned for more daily reminders like these.

Here in, we care more about your love and relationships and so we are dedicated to give you daily reminders so that your marriage will become more fruitful and peaceful.

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